Glow In Dark Shaker

  • MIX DRINKS: The Glow in the dark shaker is perfect for mixing any supplements, powders, or proteins!
  • MIXT ENERGY: Gone are the sugary drinks claiming to help you boost energy only to leave you drained and crashing hours later. MIXT Energy is the next step in healthy energy!
  • DURABLE: This bottle can take a beating! You push your life and body, make sure your shaker can hold up to it!
  • NO LEAK BOTTLE: The worst thing your shaker can leak you is with your favorite beverage all over your shirt instead of in your belly. That's why ours fit snug and won't spill!
  • 16OZ: Sixteen ounces give you plenty of room for hydration! But not too much space to clog up your bag or be hard to drag around. Just the perfect size!

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