Our Formula

MIXT Energy – The Key to Gaming Cognitive Performance


MIXT Energy is an energy supplement that combines the multiple energy-boosting ingredients to sharpen your focus, information processing, and reaction time. 

MIXT Energy was specially formulated for the demands of mentally taxing activities in competitive gaming.

What ingredients make MIXT Energy so special?

The ingredients that supercharge your energy


L-taurine is an amino acid that’s naturally found in the brain, retina, and heart to ensure several physiological functions.

This stimulates the brain, which boosts your energy while maintaining mental sharpness.


L-tyrosine is a naturally-occurring amino acid that’s essential for the synthesis of neurotransmitters, including dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine.

These hormones have potent stimulating properties that optimize energy levels and boost cognition.

In fact, researchers repeatedly found that L-tyrosine helps with cognitive abilities during stressful settings, which is why it has been a popular supplement for gamers.


Caffeine is a well-documented brain stimulant that exerts its action by activating certain metabolic pathways.

This compound is found in coffee, tea, and MIXT Energy.

B vitamins

MIXT Energy contains three B vitamins (e.g., pyridoxine/B6, folate/B9, cobalamin/B12). Each of these vitamins promotes the growth of nerve cells, which improve cognitive abilities.

Takeaway message

MIXT Energy contains scientifically backed ingredients that when combined produce a noticeable difference in cognition and ability.  If you don’t believe us, try it for yourself and document any difference you feel and experience!