About Us

Why MIXT Energy?

MIXT Energy was designed for those who look to go above and beyond the norm and are looking for a little push to do so. We get it: life has gotten busy.  Juggling school, work, family, exercise, and a social life is a full time gig.  And that’s just who we developed this for.  Those who live a full life but still want more each and every day.

 What Makes use Unique?

While sugary energy drinks leave you crashing out after a short period of time, we aren't anything like those.   Looking at the label, MIXT Energy is sugar free, unlike those energy drinks loaded with sugar just to give you a rush.  Yes sugar can give you energy, but that will come and go quickly.  Our formula is clean and lasts all day.   

What’s in it?

We draw our focus and energy formula from a simple yet effective dose of caffeine and vitamins that allow your body to operate at a high level.  Look at our label:  We aren’t hiding anything.  Every ingredient is listed in its dosing.  Further, we have FULL doses of these essential elements.  Yes, we could pack our formula with 100 ingredients, but why water down the product with a laundry list of ingredients your body isn’t going to even feel?

 The competitors mask tiny doses in proprietary blends that they hype as their ‘Energy’, ‘Focus’, or ‘Antioxidant Complex’, but really what they are doing is saying “We don’t want to point out we are using such a small amount it’s in essence nonexistent.”  If your favorite energy formula has 20 ingredients in a 160mg blend, sorry but that’s less than 8mg of each ingredient.  Your body will hardly even register that small of an amount.   Check our label.  We aren’t hiding. 

 Who is it for?

Whether it’s rising early to get to the daily grind, needing a boost before a workout, sitting down for a multi hour study session, or prepping to put in a gaming session, MIXT Energy was designed for you.  

The mentality of a MIXT Energy consumer is simple:  Get up and go.  Get what you need done NOW and not later.  It’s for those who work hard, hustle, and dig deep for what you want out of life.  Does that sound like you?

MIXT – The Evolution of Energy is Here!