Want To Get Paid By Playing Video Games?

Earning just by playing video games has become a full-time job for some. Pro gamers showcase their skills in eSports tournaments competing for prizes.   Large audiences watch live and competitors can earn a grand sum of money depending on the level – sometimes even millions.

Monetizing doesn’t just happen overnight, so let’s make it easy for you. Here are the four best tips to make money playing video games.

  • Donations
  • When you sign up for game streaming, a donation button appears in front of you. You can add the donation button quickly. The audience will see the button and support you monetarily.

    Donations can range from a few cents to a few dollars. The best thing about the donations button is that it’s free, so use it wisely.  Some will be turned off asking for donations, so be sure you are providing lots of free value to any fans you have.  Don’t be needy. 

  • Bits
  • Twitch online platform has a feature called Bits tipping or ‘Cheering.’

    This functionality allows viewers to give ‘Bits’ to their favorite streamers. Bits is Twitch’s online currency, and 100 bits are equivalent to approximately $1.40.

    Viewers can either watch ads to aquire Bits or buy them from Amazon.

    If a viewer comments “Cheerxx,” it can means they’re gifting 10 Bits. More x’s increases the number of Bits.  This is a more specific form of donations, but the same rules apply, don’t be needy.

  • Subscribers
  • Becoming a partner at Twitch gives you additional privileges. For that, you need at least 500 daily viewers.

    The best way to acquire streamers is creating interesting, high quality content. Ask people to subscribe by hitting the Twitch streamer subscriber button. Each subscriber will earn you a small monthly payout.

    The more you interact with passion, humor, and empathy – the more subscribers you will gain over time.

  • Ads
  • Ads are annoying, but they also help your favorite streamers with another form of revenue.

    When you register as a Twitch Partner, you gain subscribers. You also can start earning through ads. You can earn up to $250 per 100 subs monthly.

    How about Twitch?

    Here’s how to start on Twitch:

    • Sign yourself up.
    • Download Twitch-compatible broadcasting service on your relevant console.
    • Buy or rent a video/audio capturing device for your live stream.
    • Connect Twitch with Amazon Prime for more discounts, bonuses, and free stuff. 
    • Have at it!  The better the content, the more likely you will be to generate eventual revenue.