When it comes to a great PC case, you need to have two things; beauty and functionality. You can’t have a PC case that doesn’t look the part, especially if you’ve got a PC with great components inside! Are you worried what case you should pick up for your next beastly PC build? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This is the list of the ten most beautiful, unique, and functionally potent PC cases you will not be able to resist!




The Cryorig Taku is the closest PC case to looking like a gaming console! The Mini ITX case is created for your monitor to sit on top of, so if you have a small amount of desk space; this should be right up your alley! This desk case opens up like a drawer and has a huge amount of space when compared to its size. It also has decent airflow, yet it does suffer heating issues on extremely high-end gaming setups.



This PC Case is a POWERHOUSE. The Aindees AI Crystal Cube is exactly that; a cube! This PC case houses space for a total of 12 fans (5 of which you get pre-installed with the case!), keeping your PC cool despite whatever overheating AMD cards you might have. This case has a 5mm tempered glass and a beautiful LED light setup that comes pre-installed.  This is a PC Case that you get when you need a high-end airflow for your PC and high-end beauty!

  1. NZXT H1


The NZXT H1 is the PC case competitor to the popular upright rectangular gaming console; the Xbox Series X. This case has a beautiful rectangular tower design, looking very much like a tiny skyscraper. Do not underestimate this case, it has the power to keep your PC cool, and space for more than enough components! It has an SGCC steel body, with a tempered glass front with a built-in 650 Watt power supply and 140mm AIO liquid cooling. This is a hyper-powered, unique PC case that will look magnificent with your setup while keeping your gaming sessions running at maximum efficiency!



The Lian Li DK-05 Desk PC Case is the most expensive Desk PC on the list. To start off, this is one of the best cases you can buy. It has great airflow on the backside of the table, along with a gorgeous and STRONG tempered glass that you can literally stand on top of (although we wouldn’t recommend it!) The case has great airflow, is very spacious, and has a huge amount of maneuverability to it. You can adjust it to either stand or sit while using it, and you can also fit two separate gaming setups on it!



The most minimalist PC case on this list, the Streamcom DB4, is an underrated, silent, and extremely gorgeous beast of a case that you need if you have too much power. This case is built with an integrated cooling pipe system, meaning you won’t need any additional heat syncs. It has a full aluminum cubicle design and an ample amount of space to fit everything in. This architectural masterpiece is a one-of-a-kind case, which pairs well with any minimalist setup!

  1. LIAN-LI TU150


This briefcase PC case is of high standard in beauty and functionality. This case comes with a huge amount of space for your PC setup and a decent amount of airflow which will keep your system cooled during long sessions. This case has a full aluminum body, with tempered glass on its left panel to showcase your amazing PC components! Not to mention, it is one of the cheapest PC cases on the list and can definitely enhance your setup to an A+!



The In Win D-Frame is a PC case that looks like a dune buggy, and is just as powerful as one too! This case has one of the most unique chassis that you will find in the market. Not to mention, it has more than enough space for anything that you can fit into it! This is an open frame casing, so making sure that you have enough airflow isn’t going to be an issue. This case is super strong, so we know for sure that it won’t break! The tempered glass adds to its overall aesthetic, and shows off your PC components in the best way!



The Cougar Conqueror is a gorgeous, high-tech, and extremely powerful PC case that has a huge amount of space and airflow for your PC elements. This PC case looks like a futuristic helmet; it comes with three 120mm LED fans, along with an aluminum alloy frame and two sides 5mm super-thick tempered glass casing! You can add extra fans to the equation if you require them. You can even add liquid cooling to this system, but you won’t need it for the most part. This large airy case will support any and all of your gaming needs!



The Thermaltake Core P5 V2 is one of the sleekest PC cases that you could buy! Saying that this is an airy case would be an understatement, as it comes with a proper panoramic open frame that takes full advantage of its beautiful tempered glass design. It shows a clear view of your computer components, and if you have lights this will enhance the image! This case is best when it is mounted on a wall, and since it isn’t completely sealed, it can be a safety hazard. Keep that in mind before you purchase!


This here is PC Case royalty. The INWIN DIÉY is a one-of-a-kind, highly unique hanging PC setup, which is by far the prettiest PC case we’ve seen. This case is highly expensive, coming at a cost of $14,500. This PC case is by far the most show-off thing that you could buy, equipped with voice commands, a full-fledged projector setup, and an AI RGB-based flapping mechanic that make it flap like a bird! If you ever run into too much money, you should spend it on this.
This is our list of the ten most unique, gorgeous, and extremely high functioning PC systems! These PC cases will enhance your overall PC setup, and compliment your man-cave at the height of their abilities. No matter what case you pick out for yourself, we know for sure that these cases will serve you well and enhance your setup!