Some Gamers Claim To Generate More Money from Facebook than YouTube, Twitch, And Mixer

Facebook... Hmm... Interesting!

A few years back games like Candy Crush Saga, Farmville, Criminal Case, and others took the internet by storm. The constant requests and notifications were too much for some people (sorry, Aunt Linda).

Those days are almost over now. Just like every other application, Facebook has changed and matured. 

Facebook is undoubtably a powerful platform for monetization, and a new update makes it even more interesting.  The Facebook community launched a live streaming service, and it’s giving its competitors a tough time.

How Did Facebook Streaming Evolve?

Some years back, the gaming community was on the rise to develop a mechanism where a more significant audience would see their gaming skills.  A larger audience meant they could earn more. Previously, there was no platform where people would see gamers live and learn new tricks.

Following the idea, a live game streaming app known as Twitch came into existence. Twitch became an instant hit, and some gamers gained followers and monetization. Twitch gradually became the most prominent game streaming platform and contributed to the growth of the gaming industry.

As the industry grew, tech companies took notice.  As a result, Google announced that YouTube would feature live game streaming. It quickly got the gamers' attention, and some of them migrated to YouTube due to their easy policies and Ad revenues.

Next was Microsoft.  They followed the trend and introduced their gaming streaming app, Mixer. Despite many efforts, Mixer couldn’t get the following Twitch and YouTube had.  Microsoft decided not to give up, and instead signed a deal with Facebook.

Microsoft decided to end Mixer's services in 2020, and all of Mixer’s regular streamers were transitioned to Facebook gaming. Although Facebook gaming was launched back in 2018, the partnership of Microsoft gave it a boost.

How Do You Make Money with Facebook Games Streaming?

Multiple factors make Facebook streaming more beneficial than other platforms. Here’s why.


1.Number Of Followers:

Facebook is the biggest platform available. There are billions of people using this social media platform every month. Twitch is popular in a specific community of gamers, but Facebook is mainstream. The sheer numbers on Facebook give it a leg up in audience growth.

 2. Monetization Features:

Facebook streaming contains lots of money-making features that are easy to use. The Star feature is quite cool. You watch the game stream; if you like, you give a star to the creator, and that person will receive a buck for each star. Subscribing to that gamer will earn them $5 per subscriber. Ads during the live stream generate more money for gamers, even more than YouTube.  This is to incentivize streamers to the platform.

3. Facebook Partnership:

There are some stages in Facebook gaming. The initial stages are the ones with no monetization; the real deal comes when you level-up. Leveling up will provide you more premium features like Stars and ads. The ultimate deal is the Facebook Partnership, which is not easy to get. Facebook itself selects the gamers for the partnership. Then they are provided with a dedicated managing partner, a hefty amount of money, customized features just for them, and much more.

What Does The Future Hold For Facebook Streaming?

There is great potential in Facebook streaming. The development seems excellent. The company has announced to launch a dedicated application just for gaming streamers. Moreover, the best thing about Facebook game streaming is that everyone uses the app –from boomers to millennials. It should be easy to engage a large audience.

Right now, the Facebook gaming community might not be as big as Twitch and YouTube, mainly due to some policies and issues in leveling up. But as streaming becomes more trendy on Facebook, it’ll soon make a bigger impact.  Right now is a chance to be on the cutting edge of Facebook’s growth!