Overwatch: The Most Powerful Hero Combinations


Overwatch is a massive online battle arena game you can play with a group of friends or solo. Overwatch gives you the creative freedom to mix and match different team compositions to build a gameplay experience that doesn’t feel repetitive or boring. While there is no right or wrong way to make a strong team composition, some combinations are generally more effective than others. At higher levels of competitive gameplay, players are only allowed to in pairs. Not only do you and your partner need to be a powerful team in order to win the game, but the heroes you choose need to have synergies that complement each other. If you’re one of those who want to climb the ranks with someone, we’ve also got your back. After all, two is better than one.

Here is a list of some of the most powerful hero combinations you and your partner should consider:


Orisa and Roadhog

You can almost never go wrong with Orisa and Roadhog, as their play styles fit together like pieces in a puzzle. People have abused their halt + hook combination, but there is a deeper explanation to this Meta.

First, out of every barrier tank, Orisa generates the most shield per second and can resist copious amounts of damage for a few seconds. She possesses both crowd control and anti-crowd control ability. This makes her a fairly independent team member, elevates Roadhog’s survivability, and allows him to go HAM on enemies. Second, they don’t push; they pull enemies out of their position instead. The duo enjoys punishing enemy team positions by spamming their shields with annoying amounts of serious damage. Third, Roadhog focuses close-mid range while Orisa focuses on mid-long range attacks. To top it off, Roadhog’s self-healing and damage-resisting abilities paired up with Orisa’s shield-up time and damage-resist ability make them immortal and overall just hard to beat. But take note, these two still make up a bunker composition and are best for defense or on neutral maps. However, this is still guaranteed a fun combo for you and your friends to play.


Zarya and Reinhardt

This is a match made in heaven and is a couple most Overwatch players are familiar with. Reinhardt has a Rocket Hammer and shoots fire strikes that can cause an overwhelming amount of damage to enemies. If he starts charging at you against a wall, you should start running. This German giant also conjures a massive barrier that can protect his teammates from harm. While his shield is out, Zarya can attack enemies with her Particle Cannon through the barrier. Likewise, she can bubble the knight whenever he chooses to Charge at an opponent. Zarya and Reinhardt help each other take turns in recharging their ultimates and barriers. These tanks will make aggressive gameplay much safer to do when used together.


Wrecking Ball and D.Va

This classic combination is the ultimate dive tank combo. Highly mobile, great crowd control, and wild. They are a worthy opponent to the Orisa + Roadhog duo, which was meta for a very long time in Overwatch history. Formerly known as Hammond, Wrecking Ball possesses the ability to self-sustain and force opponents to create space for the team to initiate attacks. If you bowl him through a shield or piledrive at the right time, it can achieve amazing results combined with a D.Va bomb. This will either give the opposing team less time to defend themselves, or will render them defenseless. D.va can protect this little hamster from incoming attacks and sleep darts with her damage matrix. Not only that, she consistently fires shotgun-like bullets with accuracy, and is incredibly agile. These two can move around at a fast pace making them incredibly challenging targets.


Mei and McCree/Hanzo/Reaper

Mei is an essential ingredient in cooking up an Overwatch Meta. If you throw her in with any DPS character, they would still be highly effective due to her powerful kit. She can lure enemies into her area and freeze multiple targets while you have damage dealers like McCree, Hanzo, or Reaper shoot them. Mei is unstoppable; her ultimate unleashes a frostbite that slows down enemies in various points of the game, including higher areas where heroes like Pharah can have difficulty evading vertically.


Pharah and Mercy

Pharmercy is an underrated duo, and you will be surprised at how frustrating or clueless players are when it comes to dealing with these two. Even with a character named Mercy, this hero combination is merciless. Pharah is practically invincible when she’s up in the sky and tilts opponents by harassing their backline. Her rockets also cause an impressive deal of damage. She is also capable of saving Mercy from enemy flankers that are on the ground. However, this means that Mercy has to keep Pharah inside her pocket in order for her to fly between tanks and DPS (damage per second). This is why keeping Pharah alive is a crucial factor for the pair’s success, so you and your partner should always keep an eye on each other if you decide to use this duo combo.


Ana and Reinhardt

This is a personal favorite, as their synergies are beautiful together. Ana can put her targets to sleep from a long distance and then call Reinhardt can finish them off with a Fire Strike. She also serves as great support, healing Reinhardt with a Biotic Rifle or Grenade whenever he needs it. She doesn’t even have to be in close proximity of the battle area to do this, making it easier for him to focus on smashing enemies. A pro-tip: combining Ana’s ultimate Nano Boost with Reinhardt’s Earthshatter levels up the DPS to 112 and reduces 50% of damage taken. It isn’t a one-way street; Reinhardt can also protect Ana from attacks by distracting enemies with his hammer, so the two benefit each other like a happily-married couple.


Wrecking Ball and Widowmaker

An unusual composition out of all that I just mentioned, but you may want to try this out if you and your friend have mastered Wrecking Ball and Widowmaker individually. They have an impressive kill combo, where Widowmaker lands headshots on enemies that Wrecking Ball boops into the sky. These two are great together as Wrecking Ball is a disruptor tank that can cause havoc while Widow uses it as her time to shine to kill enemies from afar.


Winston and Zarya

Some people consider this bubble combo deadly and are the current rising stars of 2021. This duo isn’t easy to use. If you and your partner are proactive communicators and are on a map with lots of high ground where it’s easier for Winston to escape, you can try to coordinate the Double Bubble strategy. The Double Bubble is essentially Zarya and Winston protecting each other with bubbles at different intervals in order for Winston to Dive safely or for Zarya to fully brawl. In order to climb up the ladder as Winston and Zarya, you have to be really aggressive and take your time in charging your ultimate abilities.


These certainly aren’t the only duo combos the game has to offer, but these are the tried-and-true hero combinations that will surely help you and your partner find a few wins. The beauty of this hero shooter game is that the effectiveness of each hero combos constantly evolves over time. So my advice for you and your buddy is to never stop experimenting and have fun with it!