How To Start A Professional Esports Team

Our parents called it “wasting time”, but imagine making gaming a career.  Online gaming is a quickly growing market, and some fortunate, hard working people have earned millions through esports.

So why aren’t you? If you think you have the skills to lead a team, then create one,  Together, you could become successful entrepreneurs just by playing your favorite games.

You might be wondering how you, an average person, can earn big bucks just by spending time playing games?

Well, it isn’t easy, but it also isn't incredibly complex.  Don’t worry! Take a sip of Mixt energy drink, and settle on your couch.  This is a step-by-step procedure to how you can establish your hobby into a business.

Where to Begin?

Let’s start with the basics.

  • Pick Your Game:

Very obvious yet crucial! You must pick a game that is not only trendy, but you have a firm grip over. Monitor all it’s rules, mechanics, and all the critical information. Try to choose a game that has fewer glitches, and it won’t empty your wallet. Esports tournaments can be surprisingly expensive.


  • Search For Teammates:

After you have your game, the most crucial part is to find the right teammates. Either go for international players or choose local ones if you’re on a budget. Hunting locally or within your circle of friends can be a great start. The new generation is damn good at playing Esports, so choose young hot blood. Be aware that these young dragons spit fire too; it’s for you to train them to control their fury.


  • Create The Team:

Now that you have chosen the team give them a place. Even if it’s small, gamers need their space. It can be your home or a rented apartment. Every team has a name; give yours one. Be unique in naming. Create a marketable logo that will attract interest. Your esports gaming kits, accessories, and other necessities should be ready too. Buy the consoles that are in your budget; you can upgrade them later. When you are done making the team, establish a legal contract that will benefit both parties.


  • Market Yourself:

Make your newly born team a brand now. Start participating in tryouts and practices while also searching for sponsors. Local sponsors are helpful too in expanding your esports business. Placing the sponsors' logo in your kits will give both of you extra promotion on social media and the web. Create intriguing social media handles where you will showcase your player profiles and streaming.

  •  Gear Up:

Now that your team is looking good and the marketing stuff is going smoothly. It’s time to flap your wings and start practicing. No one spends money on losers, so you need to level up. Make a schedule for you and your team. A plan will allow your team to have the appropriate time to eat, drink, practice, and sleep. As the leader, you must look after their mental health and well being.  

Are You Ready?

Now that we’ve ticked all the crucial steps for establishing a professional esports team, it is time to say your prayers and start looking out for competitions. Don’t forget to include a responsible member for twitch streaming – another angle for potential branding and profitability.

Do You Make Money Too?

You should!  Profitability may take time, but focus on building a winning team and brand.  Once you start winning competitions, many big names may approach you to buy your team. People have spent millions on esports teams. 

Final Lines:

Whether it’s NBA or esports, having the right team and great leadership will take you far. We all have leadership potential, you just need to grow your skill set.  Take extra care of your team members, follow all the game rules, drink Mixt Energy in a pinch, and start winning. 

“The secret…. is to start.”

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