How To Get Sponsored As A Streamer

Most of the gamers have queries that they do not earn much money through game streaming. The answer is quite simple; they must get adequate sponsorship that will help them earn bucks.

But the question remains persistent about how one can attract these sponsorship programs. This article will explain how you can attract a potential sponsor, build a brand out of your gaming channel, and remain unique among the lot. These tips and tricks attract big sponsors that can pool huge sums of money into your account.

Best Sponsorship Opportunities For New Gaming Streamers:

how to get sponsored as streamer - mixt energy

The gaming world provides ample opportunities for newbie streamers. The easiest way to catch sponsoring companies is to start your affiliate programs with companies' help inside the gaming industry.

  1. The Games:

If the gamer is into playing community/ co-op games, then watch out for the programs that affiliate to it. You only need to put up a sales link into your account. The commission from those sales would be yours. Kinguin and G2A are two popular companies that do this.

  1. The Graphics:

Graphics are the most audience-capturing factors for the streamer. If the gamer provides dynamic graphics and overlays, more streamers will connect to them and ask about it. The best thing is to name a company that provides such facilities as beneficial for both the company and you. Nerd-or-Die and OWN3D are one of these companies.

  1. The Gear:

Gaming gears are the essence of this industry. Many big names, such as Elgato, are making high-end stream decks and capture cards. Advertising that company would not only increase its sales, but the company would also provide you monetary benefits.

  1. Amazon Blacksmith:

How To Get Sponsored As A Streamer mixt energy

Amazon Blacksmith can be used as an extension on Twitch profiles. Adding the extension can also help generate sponsorship as people love to feature it. Twitch streamers can earn money through this feature.

How To Bag A Gaming Sponsorship In The Future?

 How To Bag A Gaming Sponsorship In The Future? mixt energy

When your channel gains more visitors, it is most likely able to bag some sponsors. The sponsoring companies only require that the streamer creates good content, has a healthy relationship with the gaming community, and doesn’t violate any rules.

You have to construct your channel in a sponsor-oriented way. Let the marketing team monitor your channel thoroughly, so they decide if you’re invest-able or not. If you have targeted a particular brand, then know about it more, how they choose, how to approach them, etc.

Here's how a Sponsoring company can pick you up:

  1. Be Original:

Originality is required in almost every field. You cannot mimic another streamer and keep it going for long. You need to build quality content that can attract visitors as well as sponsors. Thinking outside the box and building a loyal audience can help you achieve that.

  1. Channel Building:

Is your gaming channel good enough? Firstly, you need to upgrade your gaming equipment. Then you need to organize your channel’s information on Twitch. You can take notes from other gaming platforms. Be active on social media and use quality graphics, animations, and transitions on your channel.

  1. Partner/Company Relationship:

Choose the sponsoring partners that you find appropriate. Sometimes it is okay to miss opportunities. Keep like-minded partners. Build a strong bond with the target company and advertise as well as use their products on your platform. If possible, you can also talk to them live by attending webinars. Make sure to be the best version of you in front of them.

  1. Proposal Drafting:

The most crucial part is drafting the proposal as you need to tell them about yourself and ask for the money grant. It would be best if you sound polite. You will also have to tell about yourself as well as praise the company. You have to demonstrate what you can provide the company and end the proposal with a nice warm greeting.

  1. Legal Issues:

If the deal starts, then look carefully at the legal terms of the contract. If you think you can abide by then choose the company, otherwise try to negotiate or politely decline. After signing the contract, make sure to provide your fullest in terms of advertisement and dealing.


Bottom Line:

If you’re new, it might consume some time and power, but you will eventually sign the deal. You only need to be consistent, presentable, and trustable.


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