How to Establish A Monetized Gaming Blog in 2021

How to Establish A Monetized Gaming Blog in 2021

“Money won’t solve all your problems, but it will solve all your money problems.”

Imagine exploring thrilling games, learning tips and tricks, writing all about your experience, and getting paid to do it.  Sounds perfect, right?! Everyone dreams of a job that feeds their interests, and making a gaming blog could be just that for hardcore gamers.


Let’s lay out the whole process of making a (monetized) gaming blog.



First, let’s say this process isn’t easy.  That said, it doesn’t need to be complex either.  Making a blog is a process that includes planning, game selection, writing, hosting selection, structuring the blog, and finally, monetization.


  1. Planning

This is hands down the most IMPORTANT step in the process of blog making. In this step, you make a structured outline of all the solid, unique ideas you have regarding your blog. To make things easier for you, ponder over the following areas:

  • The game type you want to blog about (Multiplayer, competitive, PS4, etc.)
  • Blog's purpose (will it be a news update blog, review blog, tips, etc.)
  • Website name
  • Hosting 
  • Monetization techniques


With these 5 ideas sorted roughly, you have a solid base to work from.


  1. Game and Topic Selection

There are numerous amazing games out there that you could write about. It’s difficult to pick one game when each of them holds a special spot in your heart, but blogging doesn't work that way. In fact, a successful blog is one that's aimed to target a specific audience.


Starts at the end.  Your game selection will depend on the age-group and the audience you want to target. If your target audience is teenage males, do your research and find the games males of this age group enjoy playing. Usually, teenage boys are crazy about interactive, competitive games such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike, etc.


  1. Content

Passion makes writing magical. Find your passion, and it'll drive you to write engaging and interesting articles that'll generate views.  Views equal dollars. 


If your passion is to master a particular genre of games, say multiplayer games, then write quality content about these games' tips and tricks. If you want to give general updates regarding upcoming games, craft your articles to grasp your readers' attention and provoke their curiosity. Deciding the genre of your articles will also help you think of a relatable and catchy name for your website (for example,

The counter argument here is what you are passionate about may be mostly irrelevant to the world.  Find a passion that can resonate with your target audience.  


  1. Hosting

This may sound technical, but it isn’t. Once you've decided on the topic and domain name for your website, it's time to choose reliable hosting. This is important if you are serious about your blog and want it to be more than just a side hobby. Why? Because:

  1. It'll give you an exclusive .com name for your website and future projects.
  2. It'll give you a unique platform to host your website.

There are numerous hosting options available that give you the aforementioned benefits at reasonable charges. (For example, Bluehost.)  Do your own research upfront, as it may save you a lot of work in the future.

  1. Blog Setup

Your blog is almost 70% done. After selecting a suitable website name and hosting that matches your needs and budget, it's time to install WordPress.


WordPress is one of the best content management system that offers a variety of layout options, colorful themes, plug-ins, and everything you need to make an attractive gaming blog. It’s also free.  Setup your blog with your target audience in mind, and start creating content.  


  1. Monetization

This is the part that probably interests you the most. Gaming is passion, but you want a result for your efforts.

There are several ways you can monetize your blogs depending upon your preferences and comfort:

  • Google ads (the banners you see on websites promoting various businesses)
  • Affiliate marketing (smartly linking your blogs to different website's products and receiving a commission every time a customer buys that product through your link)
  • Paid subscription to the blog
  • Paid partners and sponsors


By following our easy-to-follow guidelines, you can set up a gaming blog in no time!  Just remember that creating something others find value in takes time.  Give value and people will find you.