8 Simple Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

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There’s no denying online video games have shaped the fortunes of some fortunate gamers. There were days when people simply played 2-D games for fun.  Now, the game has changed.

Many people have mastered the art of video gaming, and some have earned thousands of dollars, some even millions.

So, if you think you’re good at gaming, tech, and stuff, then this article might help you choose the right field in gaming. Earning is an art, but it can be learned.

Eight Way To Make Money Playing Video Games:

  • Quality Checker:

When the developers develop a specific game, they send the copies first to experienced gamers to tell if there are errors or if it is running smoothly.

A Quality Checker can be a paying job. These individuals help the game designers add new modifications and solve technical issues. A quality tester has to play the whole game thoroughly before concluding.

An average Quality Checker can earn up to $10 to $15 an hour – better than working at a local grocery store.

  • Beta Tester:

A Beta Tester is someone who plays multiple levels of the game and tries to see if there are any loopholes.

These game testers attempt to ensure the gamers experience no glitches. Such testers are paid a fair amount of money to make sure that the game remains unbreakable.


  •  Professional Gaming: 

Mixt energy how to make money playing video games

Like regular sport, esports has also become an enormous industry where gamers from all over the world compete for cash prizes.

Worldwide esports championships are hosted online or in person where millions of spectators can enjoy it. An honest piece of advice would be to choose a game of choice, master all it’s modes, build your brand, and then compete for championships.

  • Game Streaming:

Game streaming is much in trend, especially after YouTubers like PewDiePie have made their careers via streaming.

YouTube is an excellent platform for game streaming, and one can earn based upon the audience they attract. It’s best if you have two consoles, one for playing and the other to respond to the audience.

Making a channel on YouTube is easy; you can click on “Create Channel” and start your gaming platform to record and upload your gaming videos.

  • Twitch Streaming:

Twitch is the biggest gaming live stream platform. Millions of gamers use Twitch to live stream their gameplay while talking with their subscribers.

Twitch users can post ads during their live streams.  Moreover, the gamers also generate revenue when subscribers join the channel.

  • Sponsorship Programs:

When you create a channel on gaming platforms, you can build your reputation after playing quality games and doing efficient streaming. When your channel becomes strong, you can contact different companies for sponsorship.

Some tech companies provide sponsorship in the shape of money, equipment, or supplies. You’ll need to convince your sponsors you are capable of providing a return on their investment.

  • Pay-To-Play:

Many websites offer you to play their video games in exchange for commodities like cryptocurrency, tokens, gift vouchers, prepaid cards, etc.

These sites require you to play their game and review it afterward. Although you don’t earn direct money, it’s still an introduction to the space.

  • Game Mentoring:

When you excel in a game, you become an expert in the industry.  That’s when you can make easy game hacks and tutorials for beginners. You can upload game tutorials on YouTube, Twitch, or any streaming website.

You can let ads play on your gaming website or streaming channels, and you can earn from the ad revenues too. You need to gather thousands of subscribers, good gaming video content, and proper ads to start earning income.