25 Unique eSports Rules

eSports is big money. It can fill up huge stadiums with spectators. Many gamers also undergo contracts. A governing body is there to create rules and regulate them, which every player has to follow. Here are some of them:

  1. No Hats

The players aren't allowed to wear hats. Hats can create a gap between headphones which can lead to cheating, so they are prohibited in tournaments.


  1. No Cellphones

No cellphones are allowed in an eSports tournament. This rule occurred when many of the gamers were caught hacking through their phones.


  1. Peripheral Monitoring

The latest technology peripherals can be easily hacked, which can help the players to cheat. To avoid this, a panel of professionals collects and inspects the peripherals before the tournament.


  1. No Animosity

The players are prohibited from showing any signs of animosity or hate towards their competitors. Only friendly engagements are allowed with teammates and opponents.


  1. No Delays

eSports tournaments start at their exact time. If one of the team fails to compete on time, they are fined, disqualified, or even considered losers.


  1. No Noise

Players are discouraged from typing with other teammates during the tournament as it can distract other players.


  1. Conversation Recording

Players must record their conversations throughout the tournament so the admin panel can detect any suspicious hacking activity.


  1. Doctor’s Approval

The players have to get a doctor's note telling them that they are medically fit. Some players take medications or boosters, while gameplay is illegitimate.


  1. In-House Foods

Just like the theaters, the players aren’t allowed to bring their snacks and food. This rule is due to players bringing intoxicants disguised as food.


  1. Dress Code

The dress code is strictly followed by every player in the tournament. Only the inspected clothing is allowed, with no brands allowed other than the sponsors.


  1. Social Media

The players aren’t allowed to discuss their game strategy on social media with the audience or the coaches. Furthermore, they cannot speak ill of their opponents too.


  1. No Cursing

Although eSports is a mind-boggling thing still the gamers are strictly prohibited from using any curse words during the tournaments; otherwise, they might face a ban or fine.


  1. No Tea Spilling

The players must avoid leaking any unofficial news to the media. Any player who spreads rumors or unofficial reports is either fined, or their contract gets evoked.


  1. Streaming Restrictions

Many gamers Livestream their gameplays, but eSports tournaments do not allow the participants to stream them live. They can later stream it with the tournament host being the streamer.


  1. Gaming Houses

To create harmony and teamwork among the teammates, the tournament requires the player to stay together in gaming houses to improve their team performance.


  1. Good Sportsmanship

The players are advised to stay cool throughout the tournament and don't catcall or badmouth their opponents; otherwise, they can face a penalty or fine.


  1. No Screen Sighting

The gamers aren’t allowed to turn their eyes on the tournament screen. That is why the organizers put them in white noise-proof rooms that don’t allow them any visual or audio access.


  1. Mandatory Broadcast

Whether the players agree or not, the tournament owners reserve the right to televise the competition, which can sometimes increase pressure on the competing teams.


  1. Age Restrictions

Although a professional gamer could be a minor, the tournament owners understand the mental and physical pressure, so the players should be minimum of 16 years of age and have their parents’ consent to join.


  1. Player Tags

The players are allowed only a limited number of tags, and those tags shouldn't be offensive or have any unofficial sponsor on them.


  1. One Team Only

The players are contracted with one team only and cannot join the other team unless both the parties consent to it with a limited-time contract.


  1. Rules Supremacy

All the teams should follow the rules. Even minor offenses can cause them heavy fines and bans.


  1. One For All

If a player gets caught cheating, then their whole team will be fined or banned equally.


  1. No Gambling

There is a strict policy to prevent gambling. Anyone caught gambling would be considered disqualified.


  1. The Evidence

The tournament organizers will often review all footage from the tournament to ensure no cheating happened. Teams are also asked to keep their screenshots and demos for at least two weeks after the event ends.


Bottom Line:

So, these were 25 unique rules that eSports players need to follow. We know some rules are weird, but we can’t ignore that they are highly effective as well. So, if you want to become a pro and don’t want to break any rules, make sure to learn them as soon as possible. Also, don’t forget to share them with your friends and family members.