11 Places to Get Paid to Test Video Games

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Game testing is a crucial factor for most developing companies.  Professional testers are hired to test the game to report any glitches, bugs, or errors. One can earn from $10 USD to $100 USD an hour for game testing.

Here is how to get paid to test video games:

  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo offers hiring testers on a contract basis. One can apply for an on-site game tester in their office in Redmond, Washington.  Given the climate, it may also be available remotely in the future. 

  • RockStar Games
  • The GTA series's team is always looking for passionate people for their quality-checking team in different cities. You can be a part too.  Check the link for details.

  • Beta Family
  • Beta Family provides testing opportunities to mobile gaming users. They let you play, test, provide feedback, and pay you in return.

  • UserTesting
  • UserTesting offers testing for games, websites, apps, and tech products. One can earn ten bucks for a 20-minute tech check.

  • Bananatic
  • Banantic is an online game testing-forum that lets you play free online games and test them. They give you Bananas virtual-currency in return which the tester can use for online shopping.

  • iGameLab
  • iGameLab is a marketing research organization that offers you to be a part of their panel for beta testing. You can test online games, apps, and websites and earn up to $10 to $15 per hour.

  • VMC – Global Beta Test Network
  • VMC is a global test network allowing several gamers to get paid to play. The ‘Stress Testing’ procedure is done, and you can get good hourly rate pay.

  • Betabound
  • Betabound is a website allowing beta game testing for newbies. Anyone can apply, sign-up is free, and the pay varies.

  • Android Central Forum
  • Android Central Forum is a leading opportunity for those interested in Beta Testing. Developers at this forum periodically post offers, so it’s an excellent opportunity for Android testers.

  • Blizzard
  • Blizzard is a great place to search for game testing openings. They have released games like World of Warcraft, StarCraft and hire testers temporarily. Keep looking for openings on their page.

  • BetaTesting
  • BetaTesting pays you money for testing websites, applications, and even hardware. You can earn up to a decent $20 per test.

    There you have it.  Don’t say there are no opportunities out there!