10 Colleges with Esports Degree Programs

Esports has been gaining a lot of popularity lately, and it's recently turned into a billion-dollar business as well. Competitive video gaming is the latest worldwide trend, and many people are coming on board.


Considering the significant rise in Esports' global demand, many colleges have started offering a professional degree program in Esports. Therefore, you have come up with a list of the top ten colleges offering this unique program.


1.   Becker College, Worcester, Massachusetts

Becker College offers a BS degree in Esports Management. This program teaches students various ways of carrying out events of different scales. They are also given exposure to business plan development and Esports' main genres. The Varsity Esports Program at Becker College is among the first ones to give an Esports scholarship where players participate in various online games to win the scholarship.


2.   Shenandoah University, Winchester, Virginia

Shenandoah University takes immense pride in being the very first American educational institute to launch a multi-track Esports BS program. This university offers both major and minor Esports programs. These programs teach students about the Esports business with the help of their effective teaching methodology, international internships, and industry exposure.


3.   Caldwell University, Caldwell, New Jersey

Caldwell University offers a BS in Esports Management. This program is different from other universities' ones since it involves different courses, including marketing, finance, entertainment, operations, and event planning. This is a 120 credit hour program that gives students extensive practical exposure to this field of work.


4.   Saint Peter's University, Jersey City, New Jersey

Saint Peter’s University offers an Esports business program that equips students with various skills such as marketing, finance, planning strategy, business development, and event management. The university encourages the students to gain a broader experience of this line of work through different internships.



5.   The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

The Ohio State University offers an extensive Esports program that spans a lengthy five-year duration. This university offers undergraduate and graduates Esports programs, along with online certifications as well. The important Esport courses taught at this university consist of business of games, game design, Esports management, programming, and health and rehabilitation.


Teams from this university take part in various games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. This university is also equipped with an advanced arena that is helpful for giving the students diverse career exposure. 




6. Keuka College, Keuka Park, New York

Keuka College has a Minor in Esports Management. This program covers courses such as event management, content creation, personnel management, broadcasting, marketing, and strategic planning. The students enrolled in this degree can avail themselves the chance of participating in various on-campus gaming events for games like Hearthstone, League of Legends, and NBA2K.



7.   The University of California Irvine, Irvine, California

The University of California Irvine has an Esports Management Specialized Studies Certification program. This program can be availed by students from all sorts of educational backgrounds.


Esports project management and effective communication are a few of the most helpful courses offered in this program. Another important skill is developing digital marketing content. This is a short-term program that lasts for just a month.



8.   George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia

George Mason University offers a Minor in Esports based on sports management and game design. This minor program can be added to any Major degree, such as a BS in Business Management. This course is also available in Computer Game Design.


Some important program courses consist of Sports Venues and Events, Online and Mobile Gaming, Computer Game Platform Analysis, Governance and Policy in Sport Organizations, and Psychology of Sport.

9.   The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas

The University of Texas at Arlington offers an Esports Management Certificate through the Enterprise Development Division. This program is based on five courses that can be availed on their own or paired with various BBA and MBA programs. The important courses include Esports Business Strategies, Esports Project Management: Live Events, Esports Branding and Marketing, along with Esports Player Management.


10.  Lambton College, Toronto, Ontario

Lambton College has a Diploma in Esports that lasts for two years.  This program goes by the name Esports Entrepreneurship and Administration. Another university program is the Graduate Certificate in Esports Management that lasts for a year.


Both these programs focus on the development of business skills related to Esports. It also includes a few super beneficial courses such as game design, industry hardware, and software, along with live streaming.